you want me to cut and paste and bedazzle?!


i don’t know about you, but i’m fairly certain scrapbooking blew up when i was hitting my teenage years.  i remember my aunt taking me to one of those scrapbooking parties hosted by a consultant…(cherished memories?) and putting together my first page.  it was a high spirited, school color embracing, cheer camp collage that exploded off the page.  i think it took me nearly an hour to get that thing the way i wanted it.  i was hooked–of course i wanted to pretty up all of my photos from primary school on and be able to look back at these beautiful books and share them with my child.

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fast forward to my early twenties….i still have those books…but they are not very prettied up…in fact, because we’ve moved around so much, most of the photos have been removed from the books so they would store easier.  but you know what?  that’s ok.  because we’ve entered the age of THE BLOG.  so many women have turned to online media platforms to document their life stories.  and i am not ashamed to admit that i am one of them.  with instagram, Facebook, youtube, the list goes on…all at your finger tips, it’s so easy to upload/share/post tidbits of your life along the way…without special non-acid marking tape.  and much more cost efficient too.

i love that we have silly hashtags for both of our kiddos.  and that with a simple search we can pull up all the photos we’ve shared of them along the way, on multiple media platforms.  i love that with my first born, i used to journal to him as much as possible, and while i will always value the written word, we’ve moved into the age of technology and have e-mail accounts for both of our children.  we are hoping to explode their inboxes, and its so easy to send them quick notes about funny happenings and huge milestones.  we plan on handing over the email and passwords on their 18th birthdays.

how do you use technology to capture your family?


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