Carry Justice

I came across Whitby Handbags earlier this year during the #EndItMovement in February.  End It is an ongoing effort to eradicate modern day slavery.  I’m an avid support of their organization as well as A21.  Both amazing organizations determined to abolish slavery and human trafficking.


Finding a luxury handbag in the fashion industry that didn’t come at the cost of child labor, unethically sourced fabrics, or bonded labor is actually more rare than you might think.  Whitby is knocking it out of the park with their purpose and their passion, and their insanely beautiful product.



The purchase of a Whitby Handbag, proudly made in NYC, funds the education of a girl in La Croix, Haiti.  Whitby’s sponsorship model connects the consumer directly with the cause.  Whitby bags arrive with the story and personal photo of the girl’s life your funds are making a difference for.  Not to mention the interior lining is a hand drawn artwork created by the same girls receiving the proceeds.


As a mother, especially of a daughter, my heart and prayer for all those impacted by modern day slavery is that this bitter injustice come swiftly to an end.  Every time I carry a Whitby bag, which amazingly fits all of my ‘mom’ essentials with ease and organization, I carry the weight of justice, the weight and ability to make a difference in a young girl’s life.  To eradicate modern day slavery, and raise up a strong and beautiful future.



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