The Art of Living: Setting A Schedule//PT1.0

Why is it so hard to set or keep a schedule?  I like definitions, well at least part of my brain does.  My creative side will give you a mean stink eye if you even think about putting parameters on a project, especially deadlines.  Being a mama, by default, means you are the organizer of time for all those residing in your dwelling.  So, how do you do it?  How do you balance life, love and the pursuit of happiness?  I have no clue.  Honestly.  Some days I’m amazed at what we accomplish in a day, and others I feel like we blink and the day has gone by.  My world can feel a bit out of control when I don’t have some sort of overview to reference, and while I can’t say I follow it to the minute (because I don’t), I like having a suggested outline for our daily doings.


Step one for me every morning, is coffee…and then quiet time.  During my quiet time this morning, T snuck out of his room and onto the couch snuggled up next to me.  We had one of those awesome mommy moments, just me and my little man.  I was reading in Matthew about being the light of the world and as I read aloud to him, he interrupted to tell me how he remembered breaking one of his Lego sets because his hands were ‘too sloppery’ to hold it.  At first, I was a bit irritated, because I wanted him to be paying attention to the scripture so we could discuss, but it’s moments like that I have to stop myself and realize…he is five.  Whether his little brain comprehends what I’m saying or not, his spirit most definitely does.  The kicker was that I also got up pretty early this morning so that I could have my quiet time without interruption from the kiddos, and be ready to take on the day.  Ha ha, what’s that saying—we plan, God laughs?

Anyway, I say all this because as I was meditating on what it means for me to be a light right now in my life and I remembered this beauty from She Reads Truth…


So much truth, right?  Following Jesus is more art, less science.  I can plan and prepare all I want, and I do…but we have to leave room to embrace Him and the flexibility He’s called us to have in our lives.  I never, in a million years, thought I’d be where I am today, but I know it is because I choose to follow Him.  We have done and continue to do things that seem to some, that we like to challenge the status quo…and maybe we do.  But aren’t we called to go where He sends us?  And the being sent, isn’t always to some far off destination, sometimes its out your front door, a friend’s couch, a coffee shop, or even a store.

So even though we choose to live artfully, here’s a rough breakdown of what our weeks look like…












Wide open.  Beautiful don’t you think?  Ha, ha I know.  I’m so funny.  This isn’t really our schedule, and yes I will share it.  But we are preparing to start the homeschooling journey, so I’m still trying to figure a few things out.  But this was the first step.  Seeking the Lord, and what He desires for our family to commit to.  Right now that’s making a habit out of our individual and family devotional times, me leading our local Thrive Moms group, homeschooling T, building my business and using my styling/creative gifts as a ministry, serving with our local church body (Relevant Tampa) and of course being a mama and wife.  I’m sure there are a few other things too, but you get the gist.  Even though 2014 is half way over, I’m gearing up for this new phase.  It’s going to be grand.  Here are a few applicational tools I do use to help keep us organized:


Google Calendar – If you haven’t been using this, its free and easy.  It keeps my calendar up to date on all of our technology, and keeps my husband and I in sync.  He doesn’t have to bother asking me about plans when he can just reference our family calendar and know that he can make plans for his guy time.  It also helps because I’m not a huge surprise person, but I like that he can go on their and add date nights so I know they are coming, but still have an element of surprise because I don’t know whats going to happen.

Hashtags – Yup, I said it.  # <- this little beauty helps me stay organized.  Whatever social media platform I am using, if I come across something that I love, or want to remember or come back to, I hashtag it.  Then when I’m ready to write about something or want to read more into a subject, I can just search my hashtag and bring back everything I marked.  And since most social media platforms are synched, I can usually do it from one and see all of my resources.  PS – We also use this to keep family photo albums of our children and family activity–yes, they each have their own #–but we just see it as modern day scrapbooking as I’ve mentioned before.

Magnetic Dry Erase Boards – I can not stand clutter…just ask my husband.  So instead of leaving notes all over the house, I have one of these bad boys for each family member on our refrigerator.  PZ’s has her eating schedule so hubs knows what and when she eats, T has his daily responsibility chart as a visual reminder of what he’s expected to take care of, the hubs has any of his action items to complete, and mine is my to do list.  Now

Moleskine Journals –  This habit started when I realized I was taking notes everywhere because I didn’t want to use my sketch pad or my prayer journal…so I got a notebook for just my inspiration.  This is where I keep styling notes from shoots, inspiration for photo shoots, design ideas for TTMK, homeschooling ideas, decorating ideas, basically anything that I want to investigate and put into action but don’t have time at the moment to fully dissect.  Its my little idea book.  I like a small and simple journal that I can keep with me at all times, but usually lives on my nightstand because falling asleep at night is when I usually have some of my best ideas, and then I forget them.





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