sometimes you just have to jump in…

and this week is no exception.  while my mind is constantly racing of all the million bajillion things that i want to conquer…this week, i’m celebrating a time of family and friendship.  we are on vacation.

this is our first vacation as a family of 4, and though we are only 1 day in–i have to say so far its going well.  i can’t guarantee that i will post every day this week, but i’m ok with that.  i’m ok with putting my family first, because they are my life.  so many things have been growing and changing inside me and I am so excited to see those things take shape.

i am fully, wholeheartedly, 100% embracing the joy and power of mama hood, and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads me.  we withdrew T from private Christian school at the end of the year thinking it was just a temporary solution.  little did we know, and isn’t it always this way, that the Lord had different plans?  after much prayer and discussion and consideration and then some more prayer…we’ve decided to homeschool T.  so i guess you could say i am jumping in…i am pretty stoked about this opportunity…this privilege.  i honestly never thought this would be a journey that i would take, but i am thankful and excited to be starting down the path.

we are planning to do the classical conversations curriculum and I really think T is going to love it.  i’m excited to jump into motherhood, to get wet..or in some cases, soaked, in the joys and frustrations of loving my children and guarding their hearts. i’m excited to have this special time with them and shape their minds.  there’s no doubt that i’m a bit scared, and a little freaked out, but there is always grace.

i do find it interesting that as i continue to see this shift i realize that i am not alone.  that, there is not just a kingdom shift in motherhood, but there is a secular shift in women reclaiming their homes.  i’m most of the way thru the book ‘homeward bound’ and it has been quite and enlightening read.  ill be sure to post a review when i’m done.

anyway, for now, i will say goodnight.  and remember, sometimes you just have to jump in.  you might be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable things can be.

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