Making Home: The Allis’

As many moves as we’ve made, I’ve struggled for years to allow myself the freedom to create home in a way that really reflects us.  Always bending and swaying with what would suit the style of the home best, instead of what best suits our family’s needs, or even desires.  Creating home in our space these last few years has been lovely, and I’m grateful for friends who have encouraged that boldness of really making home a space you want to be in, and to not be afraid to do it differently than trends and norms.

Home is an important place.  Whether it be on wheels, or firmly planted in the ground.  There’s something really special about the space which bears that name.  I’ve been wanting to highlight the beauty of home and the diversity of which they take shape for quite some time now, so consider this the first in a series, Making Home.

One of those designer confident and encouraging friends is my girl Chelsea, and she has one of the dreamiest homes I could imagine.  Creating beauty comes naturally to her, and every space they’ve lived in has been a treasure to explore.  Earlier this year, I asked her to share some thoughts on the very process of Making Home…

Be ever so humble there’s no place like HOME. – David Denham

It took 1.5 years to find this house. We wanted move in ready, close to downtown, and under 300,000. When we saw this home listed on Zillow we knew it was ours even before we walked through it. It checked every box we needed (and even wanted).

On moving day we were prepped and ready to go. We paid to have movers and asked amazing friends to watch the kids. We had all of our crap off the truck and in the house before 3pm. GUYS, it was an amazing moment. Seeing my things in the bright airy house; Seeing this space full of boxes was so exciting. I felt like I was at the starting line of a race made for me, The unpacking race!!!

We had a bunch of friends come over and help us unpack and honestly we were moved in that night! Y’all even down to toys organized in the play room, seeing my son’s cars in a drawer was so very exciting. It meant we had done it, we had unpacked and now I got to start to slow and joyful process of making this place ours. Making it a home.

The above photos are day two, ask for help and use it, It was amazing to wake up to a kitchen we could cook in!!!!

Alright, now that the crap is in and pretty close to the right spot I went to my favorite bloggers Addison’s Wonderland and Jillian Harris.

 Nothing is new anymore, I repeat NOTHING IS NEW. Use your resources and let people a few steps ahead help you understand what you really want. They might even have some tricks to make it easier to get the outcome you are hoping for.

These two women do what they love. So why can’t I just simply decorate for myself the way I want to, with no limits and no rules?!?! (OKOKOOKOK…. money, I have the limit of “I am not loaded” but other than that.) DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT! Yep if you want the blush pink bar stools get them don’t talk yourself out of them! They are what you want, why wouldn’t you get them?? See, I love interior design but, until now, I had never been in a place where I actually had the guts to do what I wanted. Girl all I can say is you are only robbing yourself of joy, STOP THAT!

These two bloggers are very different but my goal is to find a place in between. AW is bright and colorful while being very clean and JH is basically white but she adds pops of fun very effortlessly. That is what I wanted, I wanted a color pallet with tons of personality coming through.

Once I found my end “feeling” I hit the ground running. AW does TONS with wall paper and I love every bit of it! But I didn’t want to spend the money I had on the walls. I had sofas and chairs and all the other stuff you need for a house. So I went to Pinterest and searched “Hand painted wall paper”. My play room is now full of blush pink brush strokes on white walls. It looks like wall paper but since I had the paint from a previous project the wall paper I was begging the universe for was mine for FREE! Yep people when there is a will there is a way.

With each little project I come one step closer to this space feeling more like home. For me home screams your name in comfort and design, a house is something that simply hold all the crap.

I am no where close to being done and that excites me! This house is about the process, it isn’t about finding a table that is pretty and bringing it home. It’s about falling in love with a style and making sure each item that comes here fits. I’ll compare it to a capsule wardrobe; You don’t need a ton to have great style you just need to have a goal and a vision. I want to do that with my home. I want to see that each room flows with the rest of the house.

My rails…

Color pallet – White, Black, Green, and Blush :Sure there are other colors up and in here but those 4 colors are the heavy hitters and I like them in each room of the whole house. So when I stubble upon a yellow bench that is super cute I fight the urge to get it because I have vision. If the item doesn’t fit in the vision it doesn’t come home with me.

Stores – Target, Wayfair, Homegoods, TJMaxx, and gifts from my Mom. :If you find something on Wayfair google it! You might find it someplace else for a better price. Oh and I know my Mom isn’t a helpful source but y’all she hooks me up!

Art- Etsy, Homegoods, and some great friends. :I 100% think we should tap into the people we love. If you have a friend that paints ask them for some art!!! If you don’t here’s one of my friends Insta account, Andrea Summer (@original_ava) she’ll hook ya up!

Be boldly you- I can’t stress this enough. If you love flowers then have flowers around. If you love Mickey then who am I to tell you you can’t have Mickey statues all over. Or if you like all white walls and no art… Girl, do not waste money there!

Making this house into a home has been a joy; I have found sofas for under $1000, gotten dinning room chair for Christmas, spent hours looking for the perfect black bar stools then landed on blush pink bar stools from Target for cheap. If I can send you with anything it’s that you should make your house yours! Who cares what you sister, or mother, or Joanna Gains says… This is your house! Trust me Jo isn’t going to ask you what she should do in her master bath! You shouldn’t put that burden on her!

Thank you Chels, for sharing your enthusiastic heart.  It’s something to be treasured and I’m honored to feature your home in this space.

Since writing this piece, Chelsea and her sweet family have embraced the opportunity to relocate to Philadelphia.  While, I am super excited for them and their new adventures, they will be greatly missed in our beloved Queen City. Cheers to making a new “home”, home my friend, and if you’re interested in buying their beautiful Cincinnati home, you can preview it here.  

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