Love, Louisville

Last weekend we popped down to Louisville for a weekend family getaway.  The hubs and I both have been feeling the pressure lately, and when long hours and exhaustion start to creep in, we try our best to rejuvenate and refocus our family unit.  Awhile ago, friends of ours have shared about their commitment to planning one ‘adventure weekend’ per month, and we really liked that idea so we borrowed it.  After all, isn’t that what community is all about?

When we travel, we try our best to stay true to the city.  Live as ‘local’ as possible.  While sometimes we do opt for the must see tourist attractions, we generally like to find the parks, eats, COFFEE and community events going on during our visit.  Thanks to social media, this task has become much easier over the last few years.   So, Saturday morning we headed south east from Cincy and without much of any plans, snagged a hotel, and began to explore.  For the most part we yelped and walked our way through the burbs of Lou.



Any good getaway in my book consists of tacos, and Taco Luchador did not disappoint.

Apparently, just south of Louisville, Amazon/Zappos has a clearance center.  That definitely did not disappoint.  I brought home a fancy new pair of sandals for 70% off the sticker price.


We also didn’t realize the intense civil rights history that Louisville boasted and were fascinated to deepen our knowledge on the subject.  In case you hadn’t noticed, history, especially civil rights history is of huge importance to our family.


Market street was delicious and delightful, definitely worth the visit.  One of the best Americanos I’ve had in awhile at Please & Thank You, enjoyed while we popped in out of cute shops like Mahonia Studios.

No trip is complete without fulfilling the request of each family member, so naturally a trip to the husband’s favorite brewery (Against the Grain) was in order.  It was surprisingly kid friendly, which is usually not the norm in those environments.



While our trip was brief, it was just the place for good conversation, family bonding, and scratching the ‘travel itch’ we all have to keep at bay.  Louisville, you’re a real gem, and we can’t wait to come back!


Good Eats in Lousiville:

Taco Luchador,  Tasty Mexican cantina with more flavor packed tacos than your mouth can handle.

The Comfy Cow:  Ice cream meets bourbon, need I say more?  But seriously, so many different flavors!

Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse:  Local brews and smokehouse meets.  Get the pork nachos.

Please & Thank You:  Probably the best Americano I’ve had in quite some time.  Their chocolate chip cookie is world famous.

Sunergos:  Another coffee favorite.  Their chai and lattes are out of this world.

Gralehaus:  Cafeteria style dining that’s worth the wait.  Cute, quaint and a must visit for any foodie.

Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen:  It’s a bakery.  It’s delicious.  It’s all homemade.


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