In women’s fashion world, NYFW is upon us!  Since I will not be in the city this year, I will pretty much be glued to my laptop watching all the shows via live feed.  (Shhhh..don’t tell, but sometimes..I enjoy this way more since I can watch in my PJs and have my son, and now daughter, by my side without working a pair of heels.)  

Anyway, this rad S/S 2015 lookbook landed in my inbox a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share a few of my favorites from their upcoming Monster Attack! collection.  *All images copyright LOUD Apparel.




Ok…they had me at leather.  Leather gym shorts for the ladies!  I hope this style never goes away.  This mama loves some leather, and despite the assumption that it may be a little awkward to maintain with the littles, I find it quite the opposite.  It’s easy to wipe clean and there are several handy DIY leather care posts out there to keep you from running to the cleaners.  Pair these shorts with a chic, boxy white T, heathered grey v-neck or black tank and voila.  Instant classic—this look transpires head to toe for mamas too.



This scribble Bla Bla sweatshirt nails advant garde child swear with whimsy.  I love the scribbling paired on a clean black and white slate.  Perfect transitional piece into Fall 2015 as well.  It pairs well with a nice pop of color on the bottom, or my favorite print on print.


This is, by far, my favorite piece in the entire collection.  Again–sucker for leather.  I want this piece for myself.  I love how they paired it in the lookbook with a classic drop crotch athletic short, but this piece is SO versatile.  Shorts, denim, harems, over a dress for the girls–it can be worn with anything!


You can check out more from LOUD Apparel over on their Twitter.  Check out my pinterest for more styling tips and outfit ideas with these great pieces.  Happy Shopping!





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