Know Before You Sew

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Knowing Your Demographic

Selling your goods on Instagram really can be easy as pie, truly.  And it should be.  Would you rather have a bagillion (<-that’s a real word) followers who only purchased 10% of the time?  Or 1000 that purchased 30% of the time?  It’s all too easy to get caught up in the numbers game and those numbers can be important leveraging tools for other opportunities, but they shouldn’t drive your business.  Did you catch that?  I don’t care what the follower counts say.  If you are putting your product in front of the right audience, you will increase sales.

TRUE STORY:  I can, and have, had anywhere from 50-400 new followers in one day.  The days I get 400 new followers, that order queue is like silence. The days I sit and creatively beat myself up thinking my product isn’t good enough—orders almost always appear.

So what’s the difference?  I know my demographic.

It is much more worthwhile for me to form relationships with bloggers and like minded shops, who will have like minded customers than following or promoting myself to IG influencers or accounts that will not yield a return.  And guess what?  It’s not always an immediate return on investment.  (If you are looking for a get rich quick plan, developing and maintaining a handmade shop is NOT the answer.  Also, please note that this doesn’t mean I only follow and interact with others for a business gain.  I interact with all sorts of individuals and shops that inspire me, and some that I have formed friendships with, simply put, don’t throw a million dollars of meat at a vegetarian and then be upset when they refuse to eat it!)


Well, first you need to know what kind of brand you building.  Are you hip + modern?  Rustic + chic?  Advertising yourself to the extreme opposite lifestyle probably isn’t the smartest idea.  However, advertising yourself to your ‘competitor’ probably isn’t so smart either.  Answer these questions to yourself.

1.  Why did you start making your product?

2.  What stores would be an ideal stockist for your product?

3.  What other types of products would pair well with yours?

The answers to these three questions will start you in the right direction towards identifying your demographic.  Question number 3 is really where you want to hone in.  The answer to this question is your lifestyle brand companion.  These are shops, IG influencers, blogs, etc that are going to think you product is just as awesome as you do.  For example, if you sell leggings, and only leggings, don’t chase down a shop or influencer that prefers to only dress their kids in skirts just because that influencer has high follower counts!  While sure, they’d probably be stoked to receive your awesome free goodies–you probably aren’t going to see the return you were hoping for.  But send those leggings to an IG influencer, blog, etc that has mad styling skills for your ideal customer in leggings and similar vibe apparel?  I guarantee you will get a sale.

Spend some browsing via that awesome hashtag we talked in the how-to grow series.  You’d be surprised how easy it can be to narrow down your ideal customer base and start meaningful business relationships that will put your product in front of the right opportunities.  Good luck!




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