just like the honey badger…


my son has been obsessed with watching wild kratts lately. his favorite episode is on the honey badger, to be specific, the west african honey badger.  (for those that have seen the honey badger youtube video, you can only imagine how entertaining this has been around our house.  for those who haven’t seen the honey badger video, click here *DISCLAIMER: this video contains profanity, in case their are little ears around*).


anyway, his favorite thing about the honey badger is that its so strong.  its not afraid to stand up to other animals.  my son is learning to be strong.  that makes me a proud mama.  while we were on vacation last week, he finally learned to be strong and decided to swim without his vest.  there was a smile on my face stretched from ear to ear.  he’s been fully capable of swimming for over the last year now, but he’s been afraid to take off the swim vest.  when he finally realized he could swim without it…it was one of those moments, ya know?  he was so proud of himself.

we’ve had multiple car rides over the last week where he’s lectured us from the back seat about how great the honey badger is.  well i think he’s pretty great.  and i love that he’s recognizing strength, both in himself and of the Lord.


it made me think, how often am I like the honey badger?  do i stand up to what i should stand against?  or do I just try to blend in?  i don’t want my kids to just blend in.  i’ve agonized over the food they eat, the clothes the wear, the education they will receive…and none of that even slightly compares to my desire for them to stand firmly in the Lord.  so what kind of example am i setting?  i guess sometimes you just have to be like the honey badger…i don’t care that we go against the flow, but my son sure will be proud of the fact that i will stand for what we believe in.  and hopefully, it will be an example for him and my daughter to follow.

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