just a thought: my first MOPS


yesterday, i was fortunate enough to join a dear friend for my first MOPS class.  crossing it off the bucket list.    


i know that seems like a simple and not very exciting task, but it was something that i’ve wanted to do since before i had T, and surprisingly, i had a blast.  it was a wonderful time of fellowship with other women, plus a little hand to hand combat, i mean…self defense training from grandmaster brenda sell.  before she taught us how to kick butt, she shared some very awesome words of wisdom:

  • you are worth defending.  you have to believe in your self worth, and that you are something worth fighting for.
  • where does your mind go when it wanders?  don’t let this be an open door for fear and self doubt.
  • what are you living in bondage to?  fear?  or the faith and freedom of something greater.

we all have true value, and as women, we need to learn to love ourselves and be confident in who we were created to be.  hope you guys have a wonderful wednesday.  xx – ash


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