just a thought: let’s get hitched


last year, in what i like to refer to as the craziest year we’ve ever experienced together, when we were living in new york…we were welcomed with a bit of a culture shock…and yeah, duh..i know that everyone says nyc is a world of its own, but this was something we weren’t prepared for.  people were literally dumbfounded that i was pregnant….with my second child…and had been married…for 6 years.  we realized then that we were rare.  if you would have asked me at 16, 18, or even 21 if i thought i would have been married and having children before i was 30, you probably would have received some sort of gag reflex response…but God knew better.  i turn 30 this october and the following month will celebrate 7 years of marriage with my man.  this year we welcomed our daughter, and our rockstar son turned 5.  we have experienced so much life together in ways that no one else will ever understand…we’ve owned a business, bought a house, sold a business and a house, both moved out of our home towns and communities, moved twice in one year (to new york, and from new york…both while i was pregnant) and the catalyst of 2013 for us was my near death accident of being run over…during fashion week.  but i have to agree, all this crazy is part of our story, and i’m glad i had someone to stand by me thru every moment of it.

so, what the heck am i rambling on about how great marriage is?  i came across this article this morning on a friends’ newsfeed.  and i agree…its pretty awesome to get married in your 20s.

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44 thoughts on “just a thought: let’s get hitched

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