Jesus + The Egg: Explaining the Holy Trinity

This weekend we were so thankful to get away and spend time with my husband’s family in Gatlinburg, TN.  It was my husband’s grandparents’s first time in the Smoky Mountains as well as their first time meeting Little PZ.  We really had a wonderful time and it came on the tail ends of us really being challenged to spend time observing rest.

No, we didn’t forget the baby. She was asleep.

If you’ve been participating in the She Reads Truth Hebrews study, then you will recall the challenge to live with the Sabbath as your anchor.  (See here).  We were looking forward to this trip for just that.  It is so important to live a life that respects and values the significance of a Sabbath.  During this particular day’s study, it really hit home–how do I view the Sabbath?  Because the weight of the Sabbath actually impacts how I view everything else in my life.  Do I live by the work of my hands, or the strength of His work?  As SRT says in the day’s study, being called into the Sabbath is restorative and rejuvenating.  How important it is to remember the Sabbath!


Today we managed to spend some time down in Greenbriar by the river, in what was supposed to be a relaxing and peaceful time.  Please note that those two words generally do not bode well with an infant.  While we did have fun rummaging around the riverbed and bouldering around the river rocks, PZ was just not having it.  We spend about an hour and a half by the water and quickly realized that PZ was just not in the mood to be worn in her Ergo or playing seated in her Bugaboo.  She wanted down, to ‘run’ and explore the world around her–and unless we wanted a baby with a bloody nose and goose eggs on her noggin, it wasn’t happening.  So our river visit was short lived, but T got to spend some valuable time with Nana and Papa and that was totally worth it.


T has taken full advantage of his time with his grandparents and great grandparents this weekend and had been saving a very hefty question for both Papa and Great Papa.  When we went to dinner last night, he finally decided it was the right time to ask.

How are Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit the same person?

This is a hard question for almost anyone to truly understand, and even the Bible leaves it a bit of a mystery.  We know that the trinity is equal three parts and it can’t be the trinity without one of the other segments.  But how?  How do these three key elements function as one entity?  Well, I’m no theologist, so I can’t explain it.  But Great Nana joined in this conversation and I thought her depiction was perfect….the Holy Trinity is just like an egg:  there is a shell, a yolk and a whitish clear membrane.  If we are missing any one of those, we just don’t have an egg.  The same is true for the Holy Trinity–without one, we just don’t have the trinity.  I thought this was such a great explanation for our little guy, a great visual.  Training up your child is hard and easy.  One of the most natural things for you to be able to do, yet one of the most challenging…because we are all flawed, but must do our best to lead by example.

What are some of your favorite resources you use to teach your little one about Jesus?

Ok, the Bible is an obvious one!  But do you have any additional resources or tools that you use to teach your children about God?  With schooling about to begin, we’ve been looking into all sorts of curriculum, books, and activities to help supplement our core.  From manners and morals, to theology and Biblical timeline.  We’ve heard great things about The Action Bible and The Jesus Storybook Bible.  We’ve personally found success with The Brick Bible.  We are looking into We Choose Virtues Homeschooling Kit–but its a big commitment financially to just jump into.  Have any of you had any success with it?  Or additional suggestions?


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