H20 O O It’s Magic

Hydration is an essential in our family.  We go through an insane amount of water.  With the cooler seasons approaching and the moisture in the air changing, it’s even more important to stay hydrated.  When we moved back to Cincinnati from Florida, I didn’t even realize how much the humidity in Florida was actually helping keep my skin moisturized!  Fast forward to a month later, and I am going through water and lotion like a crazy lady.

While I know drinking water can sometimes be a challenge, I’ve found that for myself and for the kiddos, it makes hydrating much easier when we have cute cups and lemon.  Everyone morning, we all drink at least 8oz of water with fresh squeezed lemon or lemon oil.  Did you know that lemon water is the most potent detoxifier for your liver?  Crazy, I know.

One of T’s jobs is to keep his and PZ’s water bottles full all day.  For him, now that he’s older we use an aluminum and BPA free bottle, and for PZ we’ve been using her Nuby Flip and Sip 360 (also aluminum and BPA free)!  I wish this cup would have been around when T was a tyke!  With the weighted straw, you actually don’t miss a sip and no tipping is required.   I love that I can flip the top closed and throw it in my bag without worry.  We have put this bad boy to the test on road trips, day trips, bed time sips, and more–no leaking, and completely easy to use.


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