Travel: Midwest: Bloomington, IN

Bloomington, IN was one of the cutest cities we’ve visited.  Surprisingly, it reminded me so much of Portland, OR. Welcoming, holistic, and community centered.  We were lucky to enough to enjoy our stay in the comforts of our hospitality go-to, Hyatt. Their Hyatt Place location was located perfectly in the heart of downtown.  


Like many Midwestern cities, Bloomington was built up around a rail line.  The rail line converted B-Line Trail is a beautiful walking path that ran adjacent to the hotel.  Dotted with amazing street art, sculptures, a local grocery and amazing coffee, it was our favorite place to take the dog walking each morning and afternoon. 




The city center is squared up around the courthouse and nestled with local shops, eateries and coffee houses.  Since the town is built around the Indiana University campus, when school is in session you can definitely expect higher volumes of city goers at the the local joints.  

However, despite it being a college town, it was still incredibly family (and dog) friendly place to be.  Even though we were there for a week, we weren’t able to visit all the hot spots on our list. (So we will definitely be going back!)  I’ll share a few of out favorite places we stopped into soon.  In the meantime, here’s a few of the artistic high lights from the city.  

















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