Egypt Comes to CMC

Goodness, this year is already flying by!  We’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to explore and travel already.  One of our favorites so far this year was in our own backyard.  For the first time ever in the U.S., Egypt:  The Time of the Pharaohs is on display right here in Cincinnati!  With over 300 stunning artifacts, this exhibit is the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts ever traveled.  Including the sphinx head of the pharaoh Hatshepsut (the longest ruling female pharaoh), a papyrus with scene from the Book of the Dead, the Coffin of Nakht, and even the Mummy of Ta-khar.


We were invited to check out the exhibit last month and had a blast.  We really weren’t sure to expect, but once we entered the kids didn’t want to leave.  We were there for over two hours, and could easily go back for more.  The exhibit itself is huge, spanning over 15,000 square feet.  When T was in kindergarten (4 years ago) we loved going thru ancient Egyptian history – so to see all of these beautiful artifacts and interactive exhibits really bring that civilization to life were incredible.  (We will be studying ancient Egypt again next year with our Story of the World curriculum and I can’t wait to see the kids fresh perspective after experiencing this!)  Regardless of whether or not you homeschool, this is seriously a do-not-miss opportunity for our beautiful Queen City.  Some of the artifacts even date back to 4500 years!


Beginning with a brief video synopsis of the civilization and time period, and ending with a portion of a life sized pyramid replica the exhibit has something guaranteed to spark everyone’s imagination and capture their interest.  One of our favorite interactives was the hieroglyphic lessons, and a close second was the intricate model temples that highlighted the daily rituals and routines of the time period.  In short, this is by far the best ancient Egypt exhibit we’ve seen.  Seriously.  Last year we were able to visit the Ancient Egypt wing at the Field Museum in Chicago, this is even more brilliant.  You can catch snippets of our visit below, but no one likes a spoiler, so go see it for yourself!



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