Easy Homeschool Resources during School Closures from Coronavirus

Hi Friends. The world can feel like a crazy place right now, but thank goodness we have each other. These next few weeks, while you may be unexpectedly home with your kiddos, remember you are so equipped to teach them, and in fact already do, more than you realize.

Here are some of our easy educational resources I shared over on IGTV that can make this unexpected season of homeschool, a bit happier: (*And this is 100% not sponsored, we genuinely just want to help.)


We love this app/website. It is robust and covers all categories. Memberships range from free to $25/month. It’s not a teaching/lesson site, as in, it will not walk your kiddo through learning a new concept. It does however, explain answers where appropriate and allow for in depth review and content repetition. The younger grade levels cover language arts and math, while second grade and older includes geography, science, etc, based on which membership you select. If you only get one app or resource to help you through this season, this is our recommendation. It is incredibly easy for each kiddo to do independently, win!

Prime Video

Out of all the streaming services available, we’ve consistently found the best educational content on Prime Video. (If you have something else you love, please share!) PBS kids is always a great filler, but if you’re looking for more category specific videos, here are a few of our favorites:

Horrible Histories

Horrible Science

Kid’s Animated History with Pipo


The Good & The Beautiful

This is definitely more curriculum than review, but is great for adding to whatever home packets teachers may be providing. The best part is, the language studies for 1-5th grades are free to download. We love this curriculum. It is spelled out for daily use, and the language curriculum alone covers bits of art history and geography as well. They also have handwriting, math, science units, etc. Plus, they are having a sale right now for any non-free products, 15% off with code EARLY15.

If you’re really looking to take on a literature, read aloud curriculum, check out Ambleside Online – it’s a completely free Charlotte Mason style curriculum, including an outline and reading resources.

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