closet clean out. seriously, it’s time.

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do you know your style?  have you ever taken the time to just sit down and figure out what you love and what you don’t?  think of the last time you saw an outfit on someone that you absolutely loved, have you tried to copy it?  well, you should.  and you can even take it one step further and make it you own by tweaking it up a bit…switch the shoe type, add/remove a necklace, etc.

every woman should know her style, and should invest in the process of figuring out what works for her body type.  it sounds like a painful process, but you can actually have a lot of fun doing this or hire a professional.  (sorry, i don’t really do personal wardrobe consultations anymore). 😉

for me, i know that my style is tomboy chic and uber minimal (see above. i’m fairly certain i own a version of everything pictured).   i love black and white—did you see that over excited post about the black and white collection at old navy?  i love a clean, black or white anything.  and i struggle with not lusting after a classic Chanel bag…one day, man, one day!  but you will always find my closet full of good denim and sneakers.  i’m a total sneaker nut.

thru the years, and the moves, and the body fluctuation of multiple children, i’ve really had to learn to embrace my own words, and while yes, it can be frustrating at times, i’ve learned what works and doesn’t work for my body type and still allows me to be me.  the downside of being gifted in pairing ensembles is that i can make an outfit out of anything!  but to put together an outfit that is really me…gah!  talk about a headache.

one of the first and most effective steps in this process?  i highly recommend a good closet clean out.  while i FIRMLY believe not every item in your closet needs to be designer or ‘high end’ there are definite pieces you should spend your money on as an investment.  more on those later.

so go ahead, schedule a closet clean out for yourself and make it a fun girls night in.  call over a few girlfriends, pop open some drinks, serve up some yummy delights and let the fashion show begin!  we ladies can often be too critical to ourselves (and sometimes others), but a few good friends will kindly help you decide what works on you and what doesn’t.  go thru EVERY item in your closet – yes, you can skip the loungewear, workout wear, etc–but those pieces should be used for their appropriate activities!  activewear, while cute and comfy, and heck you can catch me rocking around the house or while working out, is not truly an acceptable outfit of a well-dressed woman.  i know, i know!  it’s a shame, but i promise you–if you fill your closet full of items that you love, that love your body–you will want to wear them!

sort everything into 3 piles:  keep, donate, toss.  there are a ton of great charities you can donate your previously loved pieces too.  one of my favorites is dress for success—check here for a local drop off.

closet clean tips via apartment therapy
closet clean tips via apartment therapy

later this week i will be sharing how to build a fantastic basic wardrobe that works for any budget and any body type.  stay tuned!



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